Raised in a military household, Chikara was born in the United Kingdom and had the opportunity to live in Louisiana and Texas all before graduating from high school in Germany. Immediately following her graduation from Georgetown University and completion of ROTC training at Howard University; Chikara was commissioned as an officer in the United States Air Force. 

Chikara’s first assignment was as a personnel officer at Seymour Johnson AFB in Goldsboro, North Carolina equipped her with the opportunity to lead teams in support of various military operations. Since then, she’s coached corporate leaders and people managers to develop and execute strategies that support their business objectives in a number of industries including nuclear engineering, manufacturing, finance and now in Big Tech at Facebook.

In her role as COO of The Art of Cyber, Chikara oversees the design and implementation of corporate strategy and overall daily operations of the company. She is passionate about professional development, training, and endeavors to make the Art of Cyber a major disruptor in the industry.




As a child growing up in Gary, Indiana, Dwayne had no career or professional aspirations beyond graduating high school. The summer before his senior year, he received a compelling pamphlet in the mail about joining the military. Shortly thereafter he enlisted in the United States Air Force, Dwayne was stationed in Japan, earned an entry level role in cybersecurity and has never looked back. 

 Armed with an Associates degree in Information Systems Technology and several key industry certifications, Dwayne parlayed his expertise and determination into a rewarding 20 year career. His career in cybersecurity has been the foundation of much of his personal and professional development - and he’s excited about sharing this path with others. 

Now, after more than 2 decades of advancing in his career as a cybersecurity and

risk executive domestically and internationally, Dwayne knew that he was ready for something bigger. The day following his epiphany, Northwestern University School of Professional Studies contacted him about a role as a Cybersecurity Bootcamp instructor. In this role, his passion for teaching, especially those from untraditional and underrepresented backgrounds was ignited. In his role as CEO of The Art of Cyber, Dwayne is responsible for the creation and implementation of The Art of Cyber’s vision and mission.