Dwayne stands out above the rest in his ability to partner, collaborate across teams, and bring key stakeholders to the table to discuss the difficult and complex topic of how to best protect an organization against cyber threats. His deep expertise and experience allow him to quickly build trust and credibility with both leadership and technical teams. He is a strategic thinker, but also someone who can roll up his sleeves and help out. I admire the results Dwayne is able to achieve to make organizations more secure, and the integrity he brings to each and every project.” 


—  Katie


During my stint with Dwayne at Northwestern University Cybersecurity BootCamp, I found him to be very approachable. Students were comfortable discussing their queries related to the subject matter with him, as well as seeking advise for their professional development. He genuinely took interest in the progress of his pupils and people around him. I have found him to be a giving person who is always willing to share his skills and experience that he has accrued over the years.

—  Deepan


Dwayne helped me take what we were learning in class and apply it at my current position, earning me a little change and thus my first job in cybersecurity. I can't think of a better testimonial than to say that his genuine interest and consideration helped me take what I learned in the classroom to better my life.

—  Julian


It is rare to find someone who is equally as passionate about what they teach as they are about the success of their students. When it comes to cybersecurity Dwayne is a well of knowledge. As an educator he willing to go the extra mile to help his students succeed. With no obligation Dwayne would stay with me after class to answer every question I had without hesitation. Sometimes even staying an hour plus after class to make sure I had the concept down and then would re-explain it make sure it was drilled in. I am not special in this regard as I saw him repeat this with all of his students who reached out for assistance, he was always equally excited to help and see them succeed.” 


—  Adam


I attended a Cybersecurity bootcamp at Northwestern University from August 2019 to February 2020 with Dwayne as the instructor and it has been a pleasure to have him as the instructor! When starting the bootcamp, I was already very eager to learn about cybersecurity with the little knowledge I had learned in High School. After attending his course, I became a lot more knowledgeable about the topic and way more motivated to start my career in cybersecurity. Throughout the course, Dwayne explained well and demonstrated examples of what he was teaching at the time to really explain what he meant, and to me that helped a lot since visual learning is easier than just some power point slide with details and run your lab. Classes were also entertaining! He helped us out plenty when we needed assistance with classwork or even had questions with the homework before and after class. Overall, Dwayne was a great instructor and prepared us well for the Security + exam, he’s now going to be teaching CEH and I’d definitely sign up for that course!

—  Javier


After years as a mechanic and warehouse worker, I felt like I was capable of more. Because I don’t have a college degree I knew that my options would be limited, but I still wanted more for myself and my family. During a conversation with Dwayne Roberts, we discussed his career path and the industry. I was shocked to learn that I could earn the living I wanted without a degree and with no prior experience. After that conversation, I knew it was the time to take charge of my future. After enrolling in a certification program, Dwayne was there every step of the way to guide me. I’m happy to announce that as of December 2019, I’ve completed my program as the Valedictorian of my class. More importantly, I made my dreams come true. I had multiple job offers in my field before I even completed my program and in this short time have earned a higher salary than ever before. I’d recommend Dwayne Roberts and the Art of Cyber to anyone who is interested in pursing a career in the IT field.

—  Rob

Professor Dwayne taught me security fundamentals through teaching me about the world of cybersecurity at Northwestern’s IT Security Boot Camp. Professor Dwayne broke down network and security concepts by providing our class with real-world examples. I felt like this course challenged my way of thinking and evaluating cyber threats and how to defend against them. I’ve gain tools and knowledge I can use to further my learning and continue to pursue my career goals.” 


—  Kristen